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Urban Walk'r No Pull Dog Leash

Urban Walk'r No Pull Dog Leash

This is our Top Rated No Pull Leash for Strong Pullers, Big Breeds, and City Walking where you need to keep your dog close.

THE SOLUTION FOR DOGS THAT PULL! Everything you love about our Best Rated No Pull Dog Leashes but half the length.


  • URBANwalk'r is 3 ft. long and stretches to 4.5 ft. 
  • Corrects common dog walking behavioral problems
  • Reduces dogs pulling power by 50%
  • Revolutionary Leash helps train your dog NOT to pull 
  • Natural Rubber Latex deters dogs chewing on leash
  • Much safer than retractable leashes 
  • Secondary "Traffic" handle offers COMPLETE control
  • A more comfortable walk on BOTH ends of the leash
  • Available in 3 Simple Sizes for all Dogs 5lbs – 200lbs
  • $29.99