Poultry Availability for Spring 2019 – Lockport

All chicks are female (pullets) unless otherwise notes with breed. Once we receive your order, we will call you to put down a 25% down deposit. Any Special orders for chicks not on the list, you can email directly or call the store 716-434-9377. Orders can be changed up to a week prior to the date listed.
Cornish Rocks St Run (2) Freedom Rangers/ Cornish Rock Males (3) are available as special order throughout the Spring and Summer.

Please call 716-434-9377 for details or to place your order by phone.

Price Codes:
(1) $3.75
(2) $1.60
(3) $1.90
(4) $4.80
(5) $6.99

**Per NYS Ag and Markets we are required to have a minimum order of 6 chicks.

Poultry Availability for Spring 2019 - Lockport

March 8th availability: (All Pullets)

March 15th availability: (All Pullets)

March 22nd availability: (All Pullets)

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All arrival dates are tentative. We WILL CONTACT you when chicks are in and ready to go home with you!

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