Chick Days

Picture of baby chick eating

Chick Days at Clyde's Feed & Animal Center will begin in early March and last through early May with special orders welcomed after that for Egg Layers, Broilers, and Turkeys.

Please Place your order from our current list of varieties that will be available at your store this year. Store personnel are available to help you with your variety selections and set up needs. We ask that you place an advance order for your birds to ensure you get the varieties that you are looking for.

We will have chicks available for purchase during Chick Days that were not preordered, however we cannot guarantee the variety that you may be looking for as they may be sold-out through preorder.

Please keep in mind that in New York State you must purchase a minimum of six (6) chicks.

Our live guarantee ends once you leave our store with your chicks. Once chicks go home they are out of our controlled environment. As such we cannot be responsible for losses that may occur during transport or at your home. Please check your chicks over before they leave our store! We will be happy to switch any chicks that you are not happy with at this time.

Clyde's sells only pullets (females) unless noted with variety. With this said we DO NOT guarantee sex of your purchase as the hatcheries with which we do business will not guarantee sex past 90%. (It is possible that you may get a Male chick with your purchase.) Pease have arrangements in place in the event that you get a male as we have no way to help you find a home for the unwanted bird/birds.

Please follow the Clyde's web site for upcoming events or articles related to poultry this year.

For Availability of chicks - click here!

Thank you, Clyde's Feed & Animal Center